November 2023 |

Annual 5km Run for IDPWD!

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Every year we do our annual 5K starting here at Ubuntu. The 5k starts at our grounds and runs through our specified track. It is always one of the highlights of the year. It combines fitness, philanthropy, and community spirit.

The theme of International Persons with disabilities day this year was united in action to achieve the sustainable development goals for and with persons with disabilities. For those who are not aware  sustainable development goals are goals set out by the United Nations on what sustainable growth looks like. These include things such as, zero hunger, no poverty, quality education, and clean water just to name a few. As you can probably see these are some of the goals that we have as an organization and we feel that persons with disabilities should not be left out when considering sustainable development goals for the future. So with  the annual 5K for the price of 1000 Kenya shillings or 7 US dollars we seek to bring that idea to life as we seek to go and raise awareness for persons with disabilities living in Kenya, as well as raise money to ensure that those goals are met. We often find persons with disabilities on the fringe of Kenyan society, and this year we said not only will they not be set to the fringe of society, but they will be the ones creating societal change within our community.

If you would like to run with us or simply just support, the venue will be at Ubuntu grounds in Maai Mahiu on the 2nd of December. If you would like to support but don’t feel like you’ll be able to make the 5K we also encourage you to donate or sponsor someone to run. All are welcome!



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