April 2024 |

Bring Your Mother to School Day

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Within Maai Mahiu and Kenya as a whole, parents of children with special needs have endured the burden of stigma, particularly within the education system. The scarcity of schools equipped with proper facilities and adequately trained teachers to support these children has posed significant challenges. Consequently, parents' attempts to enroll their children in conventional schools often resulted in a mismatch, further complicating their lives.

This situation has led some parents to believe their children will never achieve anything in life and that traditional schooling is not suitable for them. To break this cycle of generational struggles we organized a special day that proved to be transformative for both parents and the community at large.

Parents were invited to spend a day at our school, gaining first hand insight into their children's daily experiences. They witnessed interactions between our teachers and the children, recognizing the genuine care and expertise our educators have in the field of special education. Moreover, this occasion provided an opportunity for our teachers to give valuable insight to parents, equipping them with effective techniques to support their children's learning. Parents were introduced to the educational programs utilized by their children, enabling them to actively engage and contribute to their child's progress at home.

The highlight of the day was witnessing parents realize the immense capabilities of their children and sharing in our collective vision for their future. Sixteen devoted mothers were in attendance, marking a promising start to the program. We eagerly anticipate the participation of even more parents in the future, as those who attended left with a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

Together, we hope to break down barriers, challenge preconceptions, and build a brighter future for our remarkable children.



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