April 2024 |

Equity Training

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At Ubuntu, we are deeply committed to the economic well-being of our parents, aligning with our core goals. When selecting the location for Ubuntu, Jeremiah and Zane took into account the pressing needs they witnessed in the community of Maai Mahiu. A significant portion of the residents struggled to meet their basic needs and families having children with special needs facing even greater challenges. Thus, it became evident that Ubuntu's presence in Maai Mahiu could make a substantial positive impact on the community.

Through initiatives such as Ubuntu Life Enterprise, our farm, and security programs, we have provided parents with the opportunity to earn a living wage and pursue a dignified life. 

On March 8th, in collaboration with Equity, the second largest bank in Kenya, we organized a seminar focused on financial literacy for a group of 27 women. The training aimed to empower mothers by enhancing their income management skills and maximizing the impact of their earnings. The session included valuable guidance on budgeting and effective money allocation to ensure our parents can meet essential needs such as school fees and medical expenses. The seminar proved to be highly successful, with the participants gaining valuable knowledge and insights. As our parents continue their journey with Ubuntu, we anticipate that the awareness and skills gained from this seminar will positively impact their lives.



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