November 2023 |

Experiential Learning for KMTC Occupational Therapy Interns!

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The month of October also gave us the unique opportunity to host six occupational therapy attachee's from KMTC(Kenya Medical Training College). This is the first time Ubuntu has ever taken a group of interns that large the students were eager to learn in the program. They themselves characterized Ubuntu as extremely busy but extremely diligent. This has always been our goal to expand and to offer our services to as many people as possible.

Just because we operate in Maai Mahiu and have made a commitment to this community doesn’t mean we turn our backs on the other parts of our beautiful country. Which means when we get a chance to train interns or a person who is looking for experience we jump at the opportunity. This allows us to not only be able to schedule more appointments for amazing kids, but be able to shape the future of occupational therapy in Kenya as well.  By showing them both our standards and practices, we hope to mold and create competent OTS who will help Kenyans nationwide, even if it’s not at Ubuntu Facility.

Our occupational therapist ensured to supervise all sessions and create intricate schedules for our attachees to follow. This allowed them to have close supervision, but also the ability to be creative and think on their feet. Truly learning what it means to truly be an occupational therapist. It was truly an amazing experience. We look forward to doing it more in the future. Who knows there may be another Joy knocking on our door waiting to get in. 



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