November 2022 | Community

Meet Mary W.

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This month we celebrate Mary Wangare

This month we celebrate Mary Wangare, a 10-year-old girl who joined the Ubuntu Life Foundation in August. When Mary entered our school program, she was diagnosed with a hearing impairment. Due to her impairment, she had never attended school. As a result, she presented with a social skill deficit and communication gaps, both expressive and receptive. Her limited knowledge of learning activities due to never attending school affected her self-esteem.

After joining the Ubuntu Life Foundation, we are proud to say that her story has changed. She can now express her needs, comprehend basic KSL (Kenya Sign Language) taught by her teacher, and has gained the confidence to interact with her peers during school.

In her first months of joining us, Mary has learned to sign numbers 1 to 20 without prompt, tell time in KSL, and improved her critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills. Her literacy skills have also greatly enhanced. Mary can now sign the alphabet and spell her name.

Mary's enthusiasm has also rubbed off on her classmates. Our students are starting to develop an interest in sign language, and many enjoy signing themselves. Her family members inform us they cannot believe the great strides she has taken. We cannot wait to see where Mary's story will take her. We are incredibly excited and confident she will continue to do amazing things.




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