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Leaving Our Mark on Mt. Longonot

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The Ubuntu Life Foundation now has its very own bench on Mt. Longonot - located over 2,700 meters above sea level!

World Water Day is on the 22nd of March every year, and this year we thought of an exciting new way to celebrate - by leaving our mark on one of the most significant landmarks in the Rift Valley, Mount Longonot. Mount Longonot stands at 2,776 meters high (9,107 feet) and is visited by roughly 60,000 people yearly. The park is known for its hiking, views, and wildlife.


Mt. Longonot


With the help of the park warden, Mr. Nathan Gatundu, we set up a bench for hikers to relax on and planted trees to create a serene environment. However, this was easier said than done. We had to transport the bench and all construction materials up to 9,107 feet! What we thought would take just one day ended up taking four. Seeing the fruits of our labor and knowing we made history made the entire process worth it. The bench is a marble stone with the Ubuntu Life Foundation name and website (QR Code) embedded on it. It looks fantastic, and we cannot wait to hike with you and enjoy the view from our very own bench.
The bench is just the beginning, however. We spent time with Senior Assistant Director of the Central Rift Conservation Area, Mr. Joseph Dadacha, and discussed other ways to partner together. He told us that no other organization had ever contacted him and that this was history in the making. Our hope and vision with this project are to create awareness of the Ubuntu Life Foundation and take care of our environment while encouraging others to do the same.  






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Jim and Shirley Ruder

November 23, 2023

What a wonderful thing to do and is so consistant with the philosophy of Ubuntu Life. Congratulations to all who helped with the project.