March 2024 |

Medical Camp

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We had our first medical camp of the year which was a huge success.

From February 12th till the 16th, a team of two pediatricians and two medical students from Texas Christian University visited our facility for a medical camp.

The team was able to see over 150 patients with 15 of them being new neurology clients. It is incredibly exciting to see the program grow and collaborate with Western doctors. In addition, we were also able to put an emphasis on nutrition within the medical camp where we found 32 concurrent nutritional concerns among our patients. These were quickly addressed, and many patients were educated on the importance of nutrition in ensuring a healthy life. The clients appreciated the thoroughness of service and the overall cleanliness of the facility.

Along with the medical camp we also had two learning sessions on epilepsy and on the Ketogenic diet with Madeline Keane and Nicole Jamieson. They taught our patient’s parents how the Ketogenic Diet can help control refractory epilepsy which is incredibly valuable to learn.



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