May 2024 |

Neuro Teens Support

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Ubuntu Life Medical Center recently organized a support group dedicated to teenagers with epilepsy, providing them with an empowering platform to address their challenges. We had nine students accompanied by their parents’ seeking guidance and encouragement.

The support group aimed to instill a positive mindset among the attendees, offering a sense of self-worth by emphasizing that individuals with epilepsy can engage in physical and social activities, provided they adhere to their medication and have well-controlled seizures.

The gathering emphasized the importance of establishing a robust support system at home and school to ensure consistent medication adherence. The teenagers were encouraged not to let epilepsy hinder their pursuit of desired careers and future opportunities.

To provide comprehensive guidance and counseling, the support group invited Claire, a clinical psychologist with expertise in epilepsy-related issues. Claire engaged the attendees in a group counseling session, addressing various vital topics including self-esteem, self-awareness, social awareness, stigma and discrimination, anxiety and fears, epilepsy and depression, social support, hope, and self-acceptance.

By exploring these areas, the session aimed to equip the teenagers with essential tools to navigate their challenges and foster a positive outlook on life.



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