December 2023 |


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Nutrition has been a point of emphasis for the past several years as what you put in your body is what you will get out of your body. We need to ensure that our children get the most from the food they eat to have the energy to live a full and healthy life through the School Feeding Program. So in an attempt to meet that goal, we have consistent nutrition counseling and education for those in our community and our Ubuntu family. This has allowed us to start an empowerment program we call Food Package. Food Package is a program in which we give food to families who are considered to be at high risk of food insecurity. This program also emphasizes feeding the family as a blanket and not just our kids. This is to ensure that even kids who aren't in our program do not suffer from malnutrition and can grow to live a dignified life. As of December 2023 we have been able to hand out 267 Food Packages totaling nearly $9000 to feed families at risk of food insecurity.



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