February 2024 |

Our Inspirational Student of the Month!

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Lewis, a remarkable 15-year-old student with Autism and echolalia, has been chosen as the Student of the Month. Despite his challenges, Lewis's determination and spirit have led to significant growth and progress. Ubuntu's supportive environment has helped him overcome past traumas and thrive. Lewis has made strides academically and socially, showing empathy and forming friendships. The team is creating a communication book to enhance his expression and understanding. Lewis's enthusiasm and dedication inspire others, and his journey of growth is celebrated. Congratulations, Lewis, on being an exceptional student!


We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Lewis, a remarkable 15-year-old student who has been selected as our Student of the Month. Lewis, who has Autism and a unique condition known as echolalia, has captured our hearts with his incredible journey of growth and progress.

Echolalia, a trait that causes Lewis to repeat everything he hears, presents its own set of challenges. However, Lewis's determination and unwavering spirit have propelled him forward, showcasing his remarkable potential. While he excels in numerical tasks, his struggle to comprehend the meaning behind his written words has posed a significant obstacle.

Before joining our Ubuntu community one year ago, Lewis attended a regular school, where he faced immense hardship. The trauma he endured left him fearful and apprehensive about his new environment. However, Ubuntu's nurturing and structured approach has provided Lewis with the stability and support he needed to flourish.

Lewis has made remarkable strides since joining us, and his growth is evident in numerous aspects of his life. He has embraced the concept of schedules and finds joy in fulfilling his responsibility of serving fruits and water during snack time. Moreover, he has developed a newfound sense of empathy and generosity, as demonstrated when he selflessly shared his water with someone in need.

In addition to his academic progress, Lewis's social skills have also flourished at Ubuntu. Through the safe and inclusive environment, we foster, he has become more comfortable participating in group activities, holding hands with others, and forming genuine friendships. We are confident that with the continued support and guidance of our dedicated team, Lewis will seamlessly integrate into society, equipped with the tools he needs to navigate everyday interactions.

Recognizing the importance of effective communication, our team is diligently working on creating a specialized communication book for Lewis. This invaluable resource will empower him to express his wants, needs, and emotions, enabling him to develop a deeper understanding of his own feelings. Already, we have seen remarkable progress in Lewis's ability to ask for things, moving beyond mere observation to active engagement with his teachers and peers. His enhanced connection to the activities he participates in is truly inspiring.

Lewis's innate desire to help others shines through in everything he does. His genuine enthusiasm and dedication serve as a testament to his remarkable character. We are grateful to have Lewis as part of our Ubuntu family, and we are eagerly following his journey towards continued growth and success.

Congratulations, Lewis, on being our exceptional Student of the Month! Your resilience, intelligence, and compassionate nature are an inspiration to us all.



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