March 2024 |

Student Highlight

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We are thrilled to share the incredible progress of Jane, a remarkable individual who joined Ubuntu in late 2023 at the age of 15. Jane faced various challenges, including a learning disability and gaps in behavioral, social, and emotional development, as well as activities of daily living (ADL) skills. However, her determination and hard work have led to remarkable growth in multiple areas.

Academically, Jane has made significant strides. She can now write her own name and has developed numeracy skills such as recognizing numbers up to 20 and performing simple additions. Additionally, she has gained the ability to identify different denominations of money, ranging from coins to 200 notes.

Jane's social and emotional development has also flourished. She now interacts with her peers without engaging in conflicts and demonstrates love and compassion towards her family and peers. This newfound ability to communicate with others has greatly boosted her self-confidence.

Furthermore, Jane has made impressive strides in her ADL skills. In the field of tailoring, Jane has shown exceptional talent. With the help of pre-cut fabric, she is now able to make neat hand stitches and create pillow covers from scratch. Moreover, her enthusiasm for this activity has grown so much that she is now voluntarily repairing clothes for her family members.

We are immensely proud of Jane's accomplishments, and this progress marks the first step towards honing her skills for a vocational training trajectory. It is with great pleasure that we envision a future where Jane can join our sister organization as a skilled maker. Congratulations to Jane on her remarkable achievements. We are excited to witness her continued growth and success.



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