April 2024 |

Student Highlight

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We strongly believe in positive reinforcement when it comes to our children's development. Understanding that they have often encountered negative reinforcement throughout the majority of their lives, we have made it our mission to create a nurturing and uplifting environment for our students. This month’s student spotlight is Emmanuel Kariuki, a ten-year-old with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He joined our school with a tendency to run away from class, using it as a means to escape schoolwork and struggling to distinguish playtime from work time.

We are proud to witness Emmanuel's remarkable progress over time. Through his determination and the support of our teaching team, he has developed the ability to differentiate playtime from work time, resulting in a significant decrease in instances where he feels the need to run from the classroom.

His journey serves as an example of the transformative impact of positive reinforcement. By celebrating his success, we acknowledge the dedication and commitment of our entire school community in fostering a supportive environment for our students.

We are grateful for your continued support as we strive to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere where all our students can thrive.



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