November 2023 |

Tribe Party 2023 at Fair Market!

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Finally, our gala was held on the 16th of November and we cannot thank you donors enough for showing up and showing out for our kids. This event brings a lot of anxiety every year, but also brings a lot of excitement because we get to see our donors and we get to show you the impact that you have on the world today. Our theme was  safari chic and boy did you guys come through. On top of looking amazing, you really touched our hearts with your openness and your willingness to help someone who you may have never even met. We thank you for that heart and you are truly the meaning of Ubuntu, I am because we are. There’s so many people's lives that your donations are going to touch, and that effect will be felt not only today or tomorrow, but for generations to come. We thank you for giving us the ability to do that in the lives of our children and their families. All the months of sleepless nights, and to ensure that the night goes without a hitch was well worth it when we saw all the guests. Jeremiah and Mary came all the way to Austin Texas traveling over 7000 miles to see our Ubuntu family in the United States. We hope soon you’ll be making that trip, but to Kenya and what better reason than the upcoming 5K. 



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