January 2023 | Community

Ubuntu Life Foundation Partners with Local School

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Ubuntu Life Foundation is always looking to partner with different organizations and community members. We partnered with Dave Amazing School to cover personal hygiene. Topics included: body hygiene, oral hygiene, the importance of hand washing, and the personal effects on hygiene, which included bed making, socks, underwear, and handkerchief hygiene. Covering these topics was extremely important, as good hygiene can be the start of a healthy life for the kids in our community.

Instead of doing lectures, we took a more interactive approach, emphasizing showing rather than telling. We also came with small gifts like dental floss to ensure the kids had fun and left with something they could use.


The day went exceptionally well, and it was very encouraging to see the children's attitude change. They were eager to apply what they had learned. We also received positive feedback from the teachers, who said the students would go home to discuss what they learned with their family and friends. With more than 100 kids learning about proper hygiene and the school being open to more engagement, we cannot wait to see where this program can take our community.



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