July 2023 |

Ubuntu Life Special Birthdays!

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We celebrate birthdays here at Ubuntu monthly to ensure that each and every child feels special the way we have all gotten a chance to feel at least once. Some of these kids have never celebrated a birthday at home, gotten to experience blowing out candles or anything.

So the month was extra special because our Tribe members were able to come and celebrate the birthdays here with us in Kenya!!!!!! We really appreciated them coming here and making the effort to travel here with us in the spirit of Ubuntu. It was also an amazing experience for all of the tribe members to be able to see their work first hand.

Nothing that we do here at Ubuntu would be possible without you our amazing donors and the visitors who visited us throughout the month of June. May God bless you all for what you have done and continue to do for us and we hope for those of you who have birthdays in July we can all celebrate our birthdays together.



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