September 2023 |

Yes! Its time for the piping process!

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If you have been following us, you already know our dream of having our own water source came to fruition. We were able to start drilling a bore hole on land WE OWN!!! This is an amazing achievement we are getting with the help of the Rees Jones Foundation. We were able to get water and now we are starting the process of piping to give us access to the water we have found. Again the bore hole is over 9 miles from Ubuntu. In an attempt to keep up with our goal of sustainable development we are attempting to pump all the water to ubuntu through solar power so as to leave the smallest carbon footprint as we can and we are so excited to see it develop. The current output estimate is 15,000L of water an hour which is absolutely amazing. We can only wait in eager anticipation because we know what that water can do for our community. We as always will keep you updated on this exciting time in our organization and as always none of this would be possible without your help, thank you for partnering with us and making the difference in so many lives.



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Jim and Shirley Ruder

November 23, 2023

So amazing. We are so happy for you. Our area where we live is experiencing an extreme drought so we know first hand how happy you must be about this. Congratulations!!

Fozia Safdar

November 23, 2023

Pleased to read the progress of Ubuntulife .
Thanks for the updates.